Call for Submissions: Inviting Armenian Stakeholders in Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) and Agroforestry

Article, 01.03.2024

At the end of 2023, the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) in Armenia started the Opening Phase of a planned new 10-year project "Forest Restoration and Climate Change in Armenia (FORACCA)". Besides strengthening climate-smart policy-making and local-level adaptation capacities and improving Armenia's scientific and technological capacities for forest monitoring and management, the project aims to promote climate-smart practices in rural areas and contribute to the engagement of rural communities in Forest Landscape Restoration and agroforestry. Parts of the project will be implemented by the ETH-linked Swiss Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), while in the area of forest restoration, SDC plans on contributing to existing and ongoing efforts of Armenian NGOs.

Newly planted pine tree in Aparan region, Armenia
Newly planted pine tree in Aparan region, Armenia © SCO South Caucasus

Against this backdrop, the SDC invites all non-state legal entities registered in Armenia that are actively engaged in traditional or innovative Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) and agroforestry initiatives and potentially interested in contributing to a collective effort of non-state actors, to submit their profiles for consideration. Based on the submissions, SDC will take a decision on collaboration opportunities with selected organizations.

Criteria for Submission:

Only organizations should submit their profiles, who can prove to be active in forest landscape restoration for at least 3 consecutive years and have a track record of implementation of at least one project in the forestry-sector funded by donors, their own means or other sources.

The profile should include notably:

  1. Track Record in FLR: Provide details of past and current engagements, projects, or initiatives and partnerships related to Forest Landscape Restoration, demonstrating experience and expertise in this field.
  2. Institutional Experience: Outline the institutional background of the organization, including its mission, vision, and relevant experience in environmental conservation and restoration efforts.
  3. Financial Resources: List of financial resources invested to support FLR and agroforestry projects, including (a) funding sources for the last three years (funds contractually approved by donors, if applicable), (b) titles of the projects and project partners, and (c) if possible, funds for the future three years (2025-2028) and financial sustainability plans.
  4. Project Management Capacities: Demonstrate your organization's capacity for effective project management, including team expertise, monitoring and evaluation systems, and stakeholder engagement strategies.
  5. Concrete Plan for Reforestation: Present a detailed plan for reforestation efforts, highlighting specific objectives, target areas, methodologies, and expected outcomes.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Interested parties should submit their profiles electronically to no later than 10.03.2024, COB Yerevan time.
  • Profiles should be concise – not exceeding 10 pages, yet comprehensive, providing all necessary information as per the outlined criteria.
  • Submissions must be in English.
  • Late submissions will not be considered.

Description of the process:

Based on the received submissions, SDC will take a decision on collaboration opportunities in the framework of the FORACCA-project. Only shortlisted organizations will be contacted for further inquiries.

SDC will handle all submitted data with the utmost confidentiality and highest standards.