Principles and Aid Modalities

Switzerland will continue to strongly align its cooperation in Albania with the priorities set out in the NSDI and in the sector strategies, and further invest in harmonisation in order to enhance aid effectiveness (Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action). Switzerland will promote multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the Integrated Planning.

System and foster harmonised approaches with like-minded donors in joining efforts to plan, implement and monitor programmes that are more development-effective by using the so-called "Programme-Based Approach (PBA)". Switzerland further engages in policy dialogue focussed on the domains of the Swiss intervention, in particular on decentralisation, energy, water and VET. Swiss cooperation pays special attention to the sustainability of its projects:

  • at government level through policy dialogue and with supporting policies; and
  • at local level by fostering local implementers and by building local capacity with the support of international NGOs and experts. These principles and modalities will be carefully monitored in accordance with formulated outcomes.