Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2018-2021

The cooperation strategy - launched in March 2018 - will guide Swiss Cooperation until the end of 2021. The strategy defines the main directions of Swiss support, budgets, and approaches. It builds on past programmes, results and the reputation as a trusted international partner.

The overall goal of the Swiss cooperation strategy in Albania 2018-2021 is to contribute to a functioning democracy, improved public services and to an inclusive, competitive market economy in support of Albania’s European integration.

Development work in Albania focuses on four domains:

  1. Democratic Governance
  2. Economic Development and Employment
  3. Urban Infrastructure and Energy
  4. Health

The Swiss cooperation relies on partnerships with civil society, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and bilateral and multilateral international partners. Cooperation work is result-oriented and fosters Albania’s development with a long-term vision.

Gender and Governance are transversal themes for all programmes and projects.

Albania is one of five priority countries for Swiss international cooperation in the Western Balkans alongside Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.

You can download the strategy document here: Swiss Cooperation
Strategy Albania 2018-2021 (PDF, 38 Pages, 5.8 MB)

Alternatively, you can download a short extract in the form of a leaflet here: Cooperation Strategy 2018-2021 leaflet (PDF, 4 Pages, 2.4 MB)