Positive results in implementing the Millennium Development Goals

Article, 13.07.2015

Are we living in a better world today than we were 15 years ago? In order to cut worldwide poverty in half by 2015 and promote global development, the international community established eight Millennium Development Goals in the year 2000. The deadline has come and gone and it is time to take stock.

Two boys and a girl at a desk in a school in Ethiopia.
Progress has been made towards the achievement of the MDGs prior to the final deadline of 2015, for example, in the elimination of gender disparity in primary and secondary education. ©

Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, promoting access to education, promoting gender equality, and reducing child mortality and maternal mortality were some of the objectives pursued as part of the Millennium Development Goals. The UN's final report shows that substantial progress has been made in many of these areas. For example, the main goal of cutting extreme poverty by half has not only been reached but exceeded. But not all the goals have been fully met; continued efforts will have to be made in future to ensure that all people can live in dignity.

Millennium Development Goals