Internships at the Mission

Each year, the Mission of Switzerland to the European Union in Brussels usually offers the possibility of an internship to 3–4 individuals.


  • Internships during bachelor's studies: They take place within the framework of a bachelor's degree program at a university, university of applied sciences or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and last a maximum of 6 months.
  • Internships after bachelor's or master's studies (minimum a university-level or ‘Bachelor's’ degree) must have been completed no more than 12 months prior to the beginning of the internship (for the purposes of calculating this period, long periods spent abroad, doing military or civic service or on maternity leave are excluded from this period).
  • No professional experience in the sphere is required, not including internships. The total time of previous interships within the Federal Administration and the planned internship with the Mission must not exceed 12 months.
  • Swiss nationality and residence in Switzerland.
  • Good knowledge of at least 2 national languages.
  • Good knowledge of the European Union and Swiss European Policy are an advantage.
  • All fields of study are welcome.


  • Length of internships: 6 months (first semester) or 5 months (second semester)
  • Dates of internships: February–July or September–January
  • Remuneration: Internships are remunerated


Applications (letter of motivation written in a national language, CV with photo, copies of diplomas, work and internship certificates) must be submitted no later than mid-September (for a first semester internship) or the end of March (for a second semester internship) respectively, preferably by e-mail to:

Each candidate will be informed of the result of their application. For further information: Tel.: +32 2 286 13 22