Public holidays

Please note that the Embassy, the Regional Consular Centre South Africa and the Consulate General are closed on the following dates.
01.01.2020    Wednesday New Year 
02.01.2020 Thursday Berchtoldstag 
10.04.2020  Friday  Good Friday
13.04.2020  Monday  Family Day 
27.04.2020  Monday  Freedom Day 
01.05.2020  Friday  Workers Day 
01.06.2020  Monday  Pentecôte 
16.06.2020  Tuesday  Youth Day 
10.08.2020 Monday  National Women's Day 
24.09.2020  Thursday  Heritage Day 
16.12.2020 Wednesday  Day of Reconciliation 
24.12.2020  Thursday  Christmas Eve 
25.12.2020  Friday  Christmas 
31.12.2020  Thursday  New Year's Eve