Your Briefing on Switzerland - The App for the Swiss Abroad

Press releases, 29.07.2021

Are you a Swiss citizen living abroad? Then our daily briefing from Switzerland is just the thing for you! With our app "SWI Plus" you’ll receive it on your smartphone every day.

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If you want short daily updates and information sent to you from your country of origin, then the app will be a perfect fit for you.

Our journalists monitor current events to bring you the latest on what's going on in Switzerland. Do you want to know what people in Switzerland are talking about? Which topics and issues are important for the country? Things that Swiss citizens living abroad should know? Everyday at 5pm, you’ll find this information – and more – in our “SWI Plus” app.

The app consists of two main services:

  • The daily, compact briefing, which provides a quick overview of the most important issues in Switzerland.
  • The "debate" section, which offers the possibility to discuss various topics directly with our editorial team.

We’d be delighted to have you among our readers – and to hear from you in our debates!

Our daily briefing summarises what's going on in Switzerland. You can download it here:
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