Federal Council calls for immediate end to hostilities and facilitates provision of humanitarian aid in Syria


The Federal Council condemns Turkey's military intervention in Syria, which it considers to be in violation of the UN Charter and therefore contrary to international law. It calls on Turkey to immediately cease all hostilities and to work through negotiation towards immediate de-escalation and a political solution to the conflict. Switzerland has stated this position to Turkey several times in recent days. At the same time, the Federal Council decided at its meeting of 16 October 2019 to aid the establishment of business relations necessary for the work of the humanitarian actors active in Syria. The amended ordinance on measures against Syria will enter into force on 15 November 2019.

A worker in a cotton field in Sanliurfa region observes the passage of a Turkish military vehicle heading towards north-eastern Syria
Switzerland is greatly concerned about military operations in north-eastern Syria. © Keystone