The Foreigners of the Oscars at Istanbul Modern Cinema! Swiss Movie "Eldorado" by Markus Imhoof

Thursday, 24.01.2019 – Thursday, 24.01.2019


"Eldorado" by Markus Imhoof
"Eldorado" by Markus Imhoof © Istanbul Modern

In cooperation with the Consulate General of Switzerland, Istanbul Modern will show the Swiss film Eldorado nominated for this years’s Oscar Academy Awards.  In this documentary, Markus Imhoof combines his personal history with Europe’s failure to cope with the refugee crisis. The director looks at the current situation through memories of his childhood friendship with Giovanna, an Italian girl his parents took in during World War II, and how their friendship was torn apart by global politics. In the documentary, we see the difficult living conditions of migrants travelling by boat to Europe from Libya and placed in camps from where some escape to work as labourers in tomato fields, in a struggle to make ends meet. Eldorado is a striking production that examines not only the displacement of people, but also the moral bankruptcy of profit-making practices.

The screening will take place at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art on January, Thursday 24 at 13.00.

For admittance fee and further details please check: Istanbul Modern

(Please note that Istanbul Modern has moved to its temporary space in Beyoğlu: Asmalımescit Mahallesi, Meşrutiyet Caddesi, No: 99, 34430 Beyoğlu – Istanbul)


Location: Istanbul Museum of Modern Art