Sustainable Infrastructure Sector Reform and Capacity Development Program

The Sustainable Infrastructure Sector Reform and Capacity Development Program aims to improve the framework conditions for sustainable infrastructure development with targeted policy dialogue and capacity building measures. The program is focused on the Europe and Central Asian as well as the Middle Eastern and Northern African regions.

Land/Region Periode Budget
01.09.2020 - 31.12.2024
CHF  5’366’666

Globally, there are significant and growing needs for improved and climate compatible infrastructure investments. Well-designed infrastructure investments create long-term economic and social benefits and positive spill over effects in the economy. The Program will support strengthening the policy and institutional enabling environment to accelerate the deployment of sustainable infrastructure. The program is structured along 4 pillars ranging from policy dialogue, capacity/skills development, and infrastructure planning to market structuring.


The objective of the Program is to promote and support sectoral and institutional change fostering sustainable infrastructure within the ECA and MENA regions.

Sustainable infrastructure sectors are reformed, capacity built and participation of the private sector enhanced contributing to (i) economic development and (ii) climate change goals.

Mittelfristige Wirkungen

Policy Dialogue: Policy frameworks improved to support reform processes

Capacity Building and Skills Development: Sufficient capacity and skills to deliver and govern reform

Infrastructure Planning: Project pipelines are developed to deliver on sustainable infrastructure

Market Structuring: Improved efficiency in public and private sector delivery & operation of infrastructure projects


Erwartete Resultate:  

Improved value for money in the delivery of infrastructure programmes

Measures taken to strengthen institutions and build capacity to deliver reforms

Enhanced private sector participation

Development of pipeline infrastructure projects

Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction in new infrastructure programs

Recommendations for policy reform are provided

Improved climate considerations within Sector Reform strategies

Verantwortliche Direktion/Bundesamt SECO
Kreditbereich Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Budget Laufende Phase Schweizer Beitrag CHF    5’366’666 Bereits ausgegebenes Schweizer Budget CHF    0 Budget inklusive Projektpartner CHF    10’132’500
Projektphasen Phase 1 01.09.2020 - 31.12.2024   (Laufende Phase)