Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief and reconstruction

 People being provided with water from a tank in South Sudan

Emergency relief means saving lives, alleviating suffering, and ensuring survival. Damage is repaired as rapidly as possible, and additional emergency measures are taken to help the victims survive. The next step is to re-establish basic supplies and services and to support the afflicted population in the task of reconstruction.

The SDC's worldwide engagement

Human Security

The Human Security / protection challenges in Sudan’s conflict prone regions remain huge. Violations of IHL and Human Rights are widespread. The sector objectives are in line with "the Strategy of the FDFA 2009–2012 for the protection of civilians in armed conflict".

The main protection issues are, among others, continued attacks against civilians, attacks against humanitarian workers, limited access to the people in need, security of displaced persons in camps, gender-based violence, forced recruitment of children, protracted refugee situations and legal issues of return and reintegration, including land right issues.

The overall protection challenges in Darfur remain of concern. They include ongoing insecurity, restriction of freedom of movement and choice of place of residence; human rights violations in government controlled areas; increased insecurity, and politization and armed presence in IDP camps.

With regard to child protection and GBV specially, challenges include protection against killing or abuse of children, recruitment of children by armed movements, abandonment and separation of children from their families; and the protection of women and girls against gender based violence, including rape, domestic violence, FGM, and forced marriage.