+Pavilion brings together ecosystem stakeholders to showcase the possibilities of sustainable construction

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Thursday, 26.05.2022 – Wednesday, 31.08.2022

Public event

+Pavilion showcases innovative and sustainable designs, building materials and solutions. It raises awareness and educates the public on what the future of sustainable construction could look like if stakeholders from both within and outside the built environment ecosystem work together to achieve sustainability goals.

Presented in conjunction with the Swiss Weeks 2022, the physical installation at the Marina Barrage will be open to the public from today till August 2022.  Visitors can expect an experiential walk-through of +Pavilion to understand how these themes resonate with sustainable construction. They will see, and even touch, the earth-friendly and sustainable materials used to construct +Pavilion. Visitors will be able to learn more about how building design, construction and operations can “build differently” and contribute towards building better lives in Singapore, and beyond.

From August 2022, +Pavilion will move to its permanent home on the EHL Campus (Singapore) where it will be used for workshops and education around sustainability in the built environment.

26 May - 26 July : Marina Barrage, 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951

27 August onwards : EHL Campus (Singapore), 3 Lady Hill Road, Singapore 258872

More information about our exhibition (PDF, 24 Pages, 4.3 MB, Anglais).

Entry is free of charge.

Location: Singapore