Sound Kite Ensemble at Breakwater @ Marina East

Thursday, 07.09.2023 – Thursday, 21.09.2023

Cultural event

Sound Kite Ensemble at Breakwater @ Marina East
Sound Kite Ensemble at Breakwater @ Marina East © Swiss Embassy Singapore

Date: Thursday 21 September 2023

Time: 4.30-6.30pm

Experience a unique fusion of sound, art, and nature with the "Sound Kite Ensemble", a collaboration between the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK) and local Singapore artists. 

'Triple Instruments' is an avant-garde research endeavor spearheaded by Prof. Florian Dombois of ZHDK. This initiative delves into the realm of sound kites connected to terrestrial instruments through a piano string. Brought to life by Singaporean artists Tini Aliman and Vivian Wang, and inspired by Malaysia's traditional 'wau' kites, this project offers a unique sonic landscape in Singapore.

This event marks the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Switzerland and Singapore, capturing the essence of the wind from both Sils Maria in Engadin Switzerland and Marina East in Singapore. Immerse yourself in the harmonic convergence of kites and musical instruments and join us in celebrating this perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

This gathering is family-friendly, designed in a relaxed picnic-style setting. Revel in the ambiance, and let the winds carry you through a unique auditory journey.

The performance in Singapore will be held outside at Breakwater @ Marina East. Seating is provided and complimentary snacks and drinks will be offered.

Please note that in the event of rain the event will be cancelled!

More information and admission via Eventbrite here

Location: Breakwater @ Marina East