Consular Division

What we do

The Consular Division looks after the consular matters of Swiss nationals residing in the geographical area for which the Embassy is responsible. To some extent it also fulfils the functions of a municipal administrative authority in Switzerland. This responsibility includes providing assistance to Swiss nationals in various emergency situations.

We aim to carry out these tasks, respond to your questions, and provide the relevant services in a customer-friendly, competent and efficient manner.

We deal with the following:

  • Registration and Change of Address for Swiss Abroad
  • Swiss Identity Documents (Passport/ID)
  • Report Change of Civil Status (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, Change of Name, etc.)
  • Info about Swiss Citizenship
  • Voting and Political Rights – Register to vote
  • Swiss Old Age And Survivor Insurance (OASI/DI-AHV/IV-AVS/AI)

In case of emergency Swiss citizens can call the Helpline EDA in Bern at +41 800 24 7 365.
The Helpline can also be reached free of charge via Skype. For further information please consult the website