Research Fund and JOBS – Romanian scientists

Romanian scientists integration to the international scientific community is enhanced. The Thematic Fund Research aiming at developing the partnership between the Romanian and Swiss scientists is providing means to develop joint research projects.

(c.f. Annex 4 (PDF, 160.1 kB) chapter B.6 of the FA (PDF, 52.2 kB), TFA (PDF, 12 Pages, 5.8 MB) and Annexes 1 (PDF, 8.4 MB) and 2 (PDF, 9 Pages, 5.6 MB))

On 5 August 2011 the Thematic Fund Agreement for the Research Fund between Switzerland and Romania was signed. This fund aims to develop the partnership between the Swiss and the Romanian researchers from universities, research institutes and other public research organizations. At the same time this activity will contribute to the integration of the Romanian scientists to the international scientific community. 10,35 million CHF, out of which 85% is Swiss grant and 15% Romanian co-financing, were made available for Swiss and Romanian researchers to participate in 3-year Joint Research Projects.

The Fund is managed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) acting as the Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB). In Romania, the Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI) is in charge with the Research Fund coordination.

A single call for proposals was opened on 30 September 2011 and closed on 31 January 2012. A total of 65 applications were submitted out of which 26 grants worth CHF 10.4 million, out of which 85% from the Swiss contribution and 15% from the Romanian contribution, could be funded. Projects were funded exclusively within the following thematic areas:

  • Research on the following major diseases: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity;
  • Impact of waste and pollutants on environment and climate;
  • Sustainable energy;
  • Economic growth and social disparities;

Currently the projects are unfolding as planned to the satisfaction of all the involved stakeholders. For more information please visit the SNF website.


The Job Orientation Training in Businesses and Schools  in Romania is a new dual approach in the pre-university education and combines the two elements - labour market and schooling in the last years of general gymnasium and the first years of technical high school.

The new dual approach in the pre-university education in Romania is being successfully implemented in the schools from Brasov County.

Started in 2010 with a preliminary phase in two schools from Brasov city, the project was extended to 18 schools located in Brasov County, once the full project phase started (the school years 2012-2013 and 2013 – 2014). Over 700 students and 90 teachers, including minorities and disadvantaged group, are now involved in the project.

In order to prepare the students for the choice of their further educational career, the project provided them general information about professional opportunities and offered them the chance to acquire life skills, which are useful in any future career. This was done through the 6 project components:

  • Development of teaching material;
  • Trainings for different target-groups;
  • Development of an e-learning platform;
  • Development of a website;
  • Development of the formative programme;
  • Execution of a research study;

For more details please visit the JOBS project website.