Sustainable Embassy

Sustainability is a key topic in Swiss foreign policy (see Foreign Policy Strategy 2020-2023) and the Embassy's projects (see Flagship Projects). We practice what we preach: In January 2021, the team of the Embassy has started to systematically gather ideas and analyse what we can change in our Embassy building, our day-to-day operations and our individual behaviour in order to become more sustainable and avoid a negative impact on the environment and the climate.

Here is a selection of measures we have already put into place:

  • Installation of additional recycling containers in individual offices, the break room and the kitchen.
  • Awareness raising among the entire team about how to properly recycle.
  • Energy audit with an external service provider to find out what we can do in order to reduce our energy consumption (heat, water, and electricity).
  • Systematic replacement of old lamps with energy-saving LEDs.
  • Participation in annual "Clean Up the World" effort in Warsaw against littering.
  • "Bike to work" challenge.

Further measures are currently under review.