Bilateral relations Switzerland–Oman

Switzerland and the Sultanate of Oman have strengthened relations in recent years, as evidenced by the opening of embassies in Bern and Muscat. Oman is a popular destination for Swiss tourists.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Oman has traditionally played a mediating role in the Middle East (Yemen, Iran/Saudi-Arabia, Israel/OPT) and is therefore an important partner for Switzerland. This was one of the reasons for opening a Swiss embassy in Muscat in 2014.

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Economic cooperation

On the economic front, Switzerland and Oman have concentrated on improving the general conditions for trade in recent years. A bilateral agreement to ensure the promotion and mutual protection of investments came into force in 2005. An agreement designed to prevent double taxation of income generated from international air transport was signed in 2009. In 2014, a free trade agreement between EFTA and Gulf Cooperation Council member states also took effect.

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Swiss nationals in Oman

In 2020 there were 99 Swiss nationals living in Oman.

History of bilateral relations

Switzerland and Oman established diplomatic relations in 1973. The Swiss embassy in Muscat was opened in November 2014, while the Swiss embassy in Riyadh continues to perform consular functions. Oman opened an embassy in Bern in 2018 and also has a consulate general in Geneva to represent its interests.

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