State and economic reforms

Medical personnel caring for newborns in a neonatal ward in Lithuania
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Poverty means more than having no income, food and education. Unfortunately, the majority of the poorest is also characterized by fear and helplessness, lack of security and rights, discrimination and arbitrary government. So efforts to promote rule of law, human rights and justice are crucial for sustainable poverty reduction and guaranteeing development.

The SDC's worldwide engagement

Inclusive Federal State, Human Security and the Rule of Law (Domain 1)

Effective State institutions, at the central and the local level, are a precondition for positive political, economic and social development across the country. Moreover, due to the past armed conflict and the volatile transition phase, a culture of violence still persists. Violence is often perpetrated with impunity and there is little evidence of systematic efforts to deal with the social fallout. In addition, domestic and gender-based violence represents a serious problem. In sum, the prevalence of civil violence in Nepal makes a focus on human security highly relevant.

Applying lessons learnt during the past two Cooperation Strategies and making use of its own experience in the interrelations between different levels of a federal State, Switzerland will concentrate its efforts in supporting the consolidation of the State, with an emphasis on the local level and its articulation with national policies. This includes strengthening the capacity of public authorities to design and implement local development strategies, applying participatory methodologies, to ensure transparent and accountable management of financial resources, and also to provide accessible public services of good quality, corresponding to the demands and the rights of the people.  Switzerland will also make use of its presence in the field and of its excellent relationships with public and private stakeholders to systematically address the different types of violence in a conflict sensitive way and to strengthen human rights mechanisms and practises at the local and national levels, with the aim to foster access to justice for victims of violence and human rights violations.

State building, Human Security, Rule of Law including Human Rights

Swiss actors and their partners contribute to the strengthening of human rights, the implementation of the peace agreements, and the support to state building through policy initiatives as well as operational activities in the form of financial contributions, technical assistance, facilitation and capacity building to government and non-government actors.

Inclusive Social and Economic Development, Public Service Delivery

Switzerland and its partners contribute towards the strengthening of the capacity of rural people with a special focus on the inclusion of DAG. Activities mainly focus on development policies and operational projects on infrastructure development; sustainable natural resource management; health services, and skill development. The Swiss interventions also address mobility and migration in the rural areas.