Federal State Building

The first domain of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy pursues the following goal: “citizens at subnational level build an inclusive and accountable federal state”.  As part of its political mandate, Switzerland contributes to the strengthening of human rights, the implementation of the peace agreement especially the transitional justice.

Switzerland also focuses on inclusive institution building at the subnational level through the capacity strengthening of elected representatives and civil servants as well as governance systems that ensure the devolution and exercise of power. Switzerland will facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues to develop a better understanding of the needs, interests and demands of citizens, and of the processes and mechanisms for enhancing the democratic accountability of state institutions.

Switzerland promotes the meaningful participation of citizens in the in state restructuring and federalisation processes. Special emphasis will be given to promote leadership among discriminated groups, women and migrant workers, and to empower the most disadvantaged groups to better seize productive opportunities and to access state resources.