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Mozambique made significant progresses in the reduction of child mortality and various further health outcomes over the past decade. A well-structured policy dialogue-SWAp together with pooled funding - Sector Budget Support - has largely contributed to these achievements. In order to support the Government to sustain the gains and to address existing challenges in terms of governance, capacity and efficiency, the Swiss Cooperation continues to provide financial and technical support to the health sector through the Sector Budget Support.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Health systems strengthening
01.01.2013 - 31.12.2016
CHF  17’790’000

In 1992 Mozambique emerged from nearly two decades of conflict. Since peace was restored, Mozambique has made huge strides in improving the lives of its citizens and in generating growth.

Public health also profited and its indicators improved over the past decade. Nevertheless, post-war bottlenecks in service delivery, namely shortage of human resources, low facility coverage and capacity constraints in health governance persist and slow down progress. Additionally, the burden of HIV/AIDS and non-communicable diseases as well as progress stagnation in health determinants, likewater/sanitation and nutrition, contribute to the challenges.

Until 2008 financial support to the Health Sector was provided through three Common Funds-CF: the Provincial CF, the CF for Drugs, and PROSAUDE I. In 2008, the first two were merged into PROSAUDE II, which became the only joint funding mechanism to the sector.

Today 11 Cooperation Partners pool unearmarked resources in order to support the Ministry’s Health Sector Strategic Plan and the Poverty Reduction Strategy. The funding modality is backed by a strong policy dialogue mechanism, the Sector Wide Approach-SWAp, which was put in place in 2000.


The overall goal of the program is to improve the health status of the population and to build a sustainable and quality health system in Mozambique by complementing the government funding for the health sector, in line with the National 5-years Health Strategic Plan, the objectives of the Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Millennium Development Goals. In addition, the National Health System shall be strengthened through capacity building for better governance and accountability.

Target groups
  • The final beneficiaries are the population of Mozambique that are depending on the National Health System for their health needs. A very small percentage of the economically better-off people use the private health care system.
  • The National Health System employees benefit specifically through capacity building measures and Technical Assistance.
Medium-term outcomes

Swiss Coopration will complement the financing for the implementation of the National Health Sector Strategic Plan . In the policy dialogue, it will contribute to selected PESS objectives, namely:

  • Consolidation of the Primary Health Care approach, particularly community involvement
  • Improved management of medicines
  • Improved public finance management (PFM)



In addition to the financial support, the national health system is strengthened through capacity building for better governance and accountability. The focus is on:

  • Consolidation of the Primary Health Care approach, particularly community involvement.
  • Improved Public Finance Management.

Expected results:  

  • Develop a well-functioning, sustainable Health System.
  • Contribute towards the implementation of the national 5 year Health Strategic Plan in line with the objectives of the poverty reduction strategy and the Millennium Development Goals.

Results from previous phases:  

  • Significant decrease in the Child Mortality Rate: from 201 deaths per 1.000 life birth in 1997 to 97/1.000 in 2011 (>50% decrease in 15 years).
  • The sector has further developed with good policies and planning framework.
  • Gaps in Public Financial Management have been clearly identified and the way forward mutually agreed between the Government of Mozambique and Cooperation Partners.
  • Improved key policy documents in Public Financial Management, health promotion and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Development cooperation
Project partners Contract partner
Foreign state institution
  • Central State of South East
  • Ministry of Health-MISAU

Other partners
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Planning and Development
  • Administrative Court
  • PROSAUDE Partners: DFID-United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, CIDA-Canada, Netherland, Denmark, Ireland, Flanders, UNICEF, UNFPA.
Transversal themes

HIV/AIDS as well as Gender are addressed through the National Strategy Plan to fight HIV/AIDS (2010-2014) and the National Gender Strategy (2011-2014).

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    17’790’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    17’699’970
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