Pandemic flu (H1N1)

A/H1N1 – also know as “swine flu” – by now is commonly known around the world, including China. The recommendations do not differ from the ones in Switzerland and in other places. In August 2010, the World Health Organization officially annunced the end of the pandemic.


  • General health recommendations: The best way to protect yourself and your family from the pandemic is to stick to simple hygiene rules, i.e. wash regularly and thoroughly your hands, avoid large crowds, and seek immediate medical advice if you develop suspect symptoms and stay home to avoid further contaminating other people.
  • Tamiflu®: The information given so far remain valid (see our communication of 12th May 2009). Should you develop suspect symptoms, contact your Doctor or go to the nearest Hospital for medical advice. Do not buy Tamiflu® on the free market without medical supervision since it could be fake medicine dangerous to your health.
  • Information: Keep yourself regularly informed about the pandemic through the official websites (links are listed on the main "Health Hazards" page), as well as through local media concerning the situation of the disease in China.