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Thursday, 13.02.2020 – Friday, 14.02.2020


Asia Tour 2020 ®Noijzu & Still und Dunkel

Interested in experimental, noise and audiovisual performance ?

13 Feb - RAW Art Space @ Kuala Lumpur
14 Feb - Kompound Goods @ Johor Bahru

Luis Sanz from the free electronic improvisation unit Noijzu is a Peruvian musician and visual artist based in Switzerland, where he is an active member of the experimental scene. He works mainly with laptop, synthesizers, video, electromagnetic sensors, piezo converters and voice. Sanz’ music focuses on raw signals through composing with micro sounds, feedback and signal amplification, ranging from minimal to extreme and confrontational electronic expressions.

Still und Dunkel was formed in 2011 by media artist Pascal Arnold, musician and visual artist Christoph Brünggel and filmmaker Benny Jaberg. They have been seeking out abandoned places – deserted sites in states of transformation or decay and inaccessible spaces that have remained undisturbed for some time – documenting them with moving images and sound recordings. Their growing archive is performed with dual-screen live film editing by Arnold and Jaberg and electronic music by Brünggel, whose compositions contain field recordings and are inspired by the places visited.

Location: RAW Art Space @ Kuala Lumpur; Kompound Goods @ Johor Bahru