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Security crisis in Haiti: UN Security Council authorises international police mission

02.10.2023 — Press releases EDA
At its meeting today, the UN Security Council authorised the deployment of police forces by third countries to Haiti. The security situation in Haiti is precarious due to high levels of gang-related crime. With this measure, the Security Council seeks to help maintain public safety and protect the population. At its meeting on 6 September, the Federal Council had adopted guidelines for negotiations within the Security Council concerning this resolution.

Federal Council presents draft Foreign Policy Strategy 2024–27

29.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
At its meeting on 29 September 2023, the Federal Council adopted the draft Foreign Policy Strategy 2024–27. This strategy outlines Switzerland's stance in a rapidly evolving global landscape and establishes key foreign policy priorities and objectives for the upcoming legislative period. The draft will be submitted to the cantons and the foreign affairs committees of the National Council and Council of States for consultation before the final version is adopted in early 2024.

Switzerland prioritises humanitarian demining in Ukraine

29.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
On 29 September 2023, the Federal Council approved a CHF 100 million package to demine civilian and agricultural areas in Ukraine and aid the country's recovery. The funding will be provided in equal shares by the Department of Defence, Civil Protection, and Sport (DDPS) and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). In this way, Switzerland is offering its expertise to help tackle this enormous humanitarian challenge.

Focus on security policy in run-up to EPC summit

27.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
The FDFA, together with the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, held a workshop today in Geneva on the role of the European Political Community (EPC) in the European security architecture. Switzerland is actively involved in the EPC as a platform for dialogue and cooperation in Europe. The workshop took place in the run-up to the next EPC summit in Granada, Spain.

Ignazio Cassis meets cantonal government of Ticino in Bellinzona

25.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis was welcomed by the cantonal government of Ticino in Bellinzona today as part of regular political dialogue. It was an opportunity to meet the new executive following the cantonal elections in April and to carry out an initial review of the work carried out in the current legislative period on topics of common interest, such as cross-border relations and the promotion of Italian language and culture and multilingualism. Positive results were achieved in both areas.

Partnership for Peace: Switzerland and NATO set cooperation targets for 2023 and 2024

21.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
Switzerland and NATO have defined the objectives of their cooperation for 2023 and 2024 in a non-legally binding Individually Tailored Partnership Programme (ITPP). The ITPP was concluded under the Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme and affirms the Federal Council’s intention to strengthen international cooperation in the area of security policy.

Peace process in Colombia: Switzerland to serve as guarantor state in negotiations between government and rebels

20.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
As part of its long-standing peace policy in Colombia, Switzerland is taking on an official mandate at the request of the Colombian government and the rebel group EMC (Estado Mayor Central) as guarantor of the new peace process due to begin in the near future. The mandate is a signal of recognition of Switzerland's commitment to peace and its diplomatic efforts.

Greater cooperation with Slovakia

19.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
Switzerland and Slovakia have signed a bilateral agreement on 19 September 2023 on the implementation of the second Swiss contribution to selected EU member states. Switzerland will support programmes in Slovakia in the areas of vocational training, sustainable tourism and healthcare amounting to CHF 44.2 million. This means that all 13 bilateral implementation agreements for the second Swiss contribution to strengthen cohesion are under wraps.

Switzerland welcomes US-Iran prisoner swap

18.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) welcomes the humanitarian gesture of the US and Iran that has led to the successful exchange of five American and five Iranian prisoners, who can now go home to their families. Switzerland helped facilitate the prisoner exchange by providing its good offices. The FDFA would like to thank all the countries involved for the trust they placed in Switzerland.

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis at UN in New York after consolidating Swiss partnership with Canada

18.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis met today with Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly in Ottawa. Talks centred on further developing Swiss–Canadian ties in the fields of economy, research, environment and human rights. Next step: 18 to 20 September in New York and the opening week of the UN General Assembly. In his capacity as head of the FDFA, Mr Cassis and his delegation will also attend thematic events and bilateral meetings, which will focus on the war in Ukraine, combating pollution, and guaranteeing respect for the rule of law and international humanitarian law.

Strengthening Swiss–Canada ties: visit by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis

16.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
On 18 September 2023, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis will meet the Canadian foreign minister Mélanie Joly in Ottawa for bilateral talks. The intensification of bilateral relations in business, research, the environment and human rights will be at the heart of this exchange. Switzerland and Canada share common values and close economic and cultural ties.

Ukraine digitalising public services with Swiss support

15.09.2023 — Press releases EDA
At its meeting on 15 September 2023, the Federal Council approved additional support for digitalisation in Ukraine. This will enable citizens, refugees and businesses to access public services and have a political say despite the ongoing war. The 'E-governance for Accountability and Participation' (EGAP) project will receive a contribution of CHF 15 million this year.

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