Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life - How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow

Tuesday, 19.11.2019 – Sunday, 29.03.2020


Flight Assembled Architecture (model)
Flight Assembled Architecture (model), Gramazio Kohler Architects © François Lauginie

This exhibition is an attempt to make an inquiry into the future of mankind, to present a forecasts of humanity in the years to come. Through the latest developments in science and technology such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and robotics, as well as art, design, and architecture, it provides a look into the lifestyle and the environment in the near future. It will feature one project from Gramazio and Kohler Architects, whose world’s first architectural robotic laboratory at ETH Zurich created a new research field, merging advanced architectural design and additive fabrication processes through the customised use of industrial robots. Beijing based Swiss design technologist Matthieu Cherubini will also present one of his projects

[Notice] As a preventive measures in light of the imminent spread of new coronavirus, Mori Art Museum are closed from Saturday, February 29 to  Friday, March 13, 2020.

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Location: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo