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Syria crisis: Switzerland to make a further CHF 4 million available to the UN World Food Programme

10.12.2014 — Press release EDA
Switzerland continues its commitment to the victims of the crisis in Syria. The Confederation’s Humanitarian Aid is to support the UN World Food Programme with a further CHF 4 million. This amount is part of an additional credit line of CHF 20 million pledged by the Federal Council, bringing Switzerland’s humanitarian aid to the victims of the crisis in Syria to a total of CHF 122 million.

Foreign terrorist Fighters: an increasing threat

25.11.2014 — Press release EDA
A conference on challenges related to the phenomenon of Foreign Terrorist Fighters is taking place from 25-27 November in Brussels. The event is jointly organised by the Swiss Confederation and the European Commission, in close consultation with the United Nations Counterterrorism Executive Directorate (UNCTED).

Thousand winter tents en route for Iraq

10.11.2014 — Press release EDA
Switzerland has dispatched a further relief aid to northern Iraq. One thousand tents, as well as blankets and other goods are being transported by lorry to the city of Erbil in northern Iraq and will arrive between 11 and 24 November 2014. The aid materials have a value of CHF 1 million and are intended to help people survive the winter.

Ebola, Syria and Iraq crises: the Federal Council grants an additional CHF 40 million

29.10.2014 — Press release EDA
The Federal Council wishes to strengthen Switzerland's support for Ebola victims and crisis-hit populations in Syria and Iraq. This Wednesday it decided to grant an additional CHF 40 million, which will be used equally in order to tackle these humanitarian crises. Part of this contribution will be financed by the FDFA, via the SDC. For the remaining CHF 17.5 million, the Federal Council is seeking approval from Parliament for additional funds.

Conference on the Syrian refugee situation: President Burkhalter highlights urgent need for aid

28.10.2014 — Press release EDA
At the conference on the Syrian refugee situation, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Didier Burkhalter, expressed recognition to Syria's neighbouring countries for having taken in around three million people affected by the conflict. He said that Switzerland was prepared to support measures designed to improve the situation of the refugees and that in November Swiss Humanitarian Aid would be sending more cold weather tents to northern Iraq.

Switzerland sends winter equipment for war refugees in Northern Iraq

18.09.2014 — Press release EDA
Switzerland has decided to send relief aid to the greater Erbil area in Northern Iraq. The cargo consists primarily of cold weather tents intended to help people displaced by the war to survive the winter. Today, a specialist from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA) is flying to Erbil to prepare for distributing the aid. More specialists from the Swiss cooperation office in Amman will join him on the ground.

Switzerland steps up humanitarian aid for victims in Iraq

15.08.2014 — Press release EDA
Atrocities committed against civilians – specifically by members of the Islamic State group – are precipitating a serious humanitarian crisis. Switzerland is extremely concerned and is responding by offering material assistance to the victims, condemning the serious violations of international law and calling on Iraq to take appropriate measures. Switzerland is currently scaling up its humanitarian assistance.

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