Culture Department

The fields of activity

Switzerland is a small country, but it offers a huge cultural variety which can be explained mainly with its different language regions, the varied landscape and the close connections with the neighbouring countries and influences from these.

The cultural section of the Embassy aims to present this culture. It holds a network of contacts between different cultural active institutions and persons in both countries and tries to link those contacts as well as to organize cultural events and exchanges.

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is the main Swiss Partner of the Embassy in providing these contacts. For further information, please use the link below.

In the educational sphere, the Embassy is active as well. Thus we provide information on how to prepare an educational stay in Switzerland. Switzerland offers a limited number of scholarships for students who want to study in Switzerland. Applications have to be submitted via the Embassy.

The cultural section regularly organizes open lectures at the German Speaking Andrássy University. For further information, please use the link below.

Dora Hambuch, Cultural and Educational Affairs
Tel.: +36 1 460 70 54

Building Switzerland

Architects and ingeneers considerably influence Switzerland’s landscape. Building Switzerland provides an insight into the country’s most spectacular architectural and engineering feats in recent history. This 13-part video series looks inside architecturally important buildings, discovers hi-tech design, opulent and surprising living spaces and amazing bridges, and talks to the people who gave them life.

Building Switzerland is a national television series produced by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, swissinfo’s parent company.

Watch the videos on Swissinfo - Building Switzerland