Services for children and youths

The children of Swiss nationals living abroad are offered plenty of opportunities to get to know Switzerland. During holidays and education courses they are able to meet people living in Switzerland, as well as other Swiss nationals living abroad, and can thus acquire plenty of valuable knowledge about the country and its people.

Holiday camps

Holiday camps are organised for a variety of age groups and offer participants an unforgettable 10–14 day stay in Switzerland. Activities include numerous sports, day trips and excursions, handicrafts, singing and playing musical instruments, making films, acting in plays, etc. Participants are supervised round the clock by fully qualified personnel.

Staying with a host family

Staying with a host family is possible for youths over the age of 15. This is an ideal opportunity for them to experience everyday family life in Switzerland.

As a rule, accommodation with a family is combined with an education course.

Education courses

A variety of courses are available so that youngsters can further their education while on holiday.

Language courses (French and German) are available for those over the age of 15. During a 14-day seminar, they can find out about the educational opportunities Switzerland has to offer, and also have the opportunity to visit universities, universities of applied sciences and vocational education institutions. And those who are interested in finding out more about how Switzerland functions are also welcome to attend workshops dealing with political, social or economic issues.

Brochures, registration and information 

  • Holiday camps (ages 8 to 14)
    Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad
    Alpenstrasse 26
    3006 Bern
    Phone ++41 31 356 61 16
  • Activities for youths (over 14)
    Organisation of the Swiss Abroad
    Alpenstrasse 26
    3006 Bern
    Phone ++ 41 31 356 61 0

Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad – contact details:

Organisation of the Swiss Abroad – contact details:

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad’s Youth Service

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