Public holidays

List of Ghanaian and Swiss Public Holidays for 2019
01.01.2019 Tuesday New Year
02.01.2019 Wednesday Saint Berchtold
07.01.2019 Monday  Constitution Day 
06.03.2019 Wednesday Independence Day
19.04.2019 Friday Good Friday
22.04.2019 Monday Easter Monday
01.05.2019 Wednesday International Labour Day
05.06.2019 Wednesday Eid El-Fitr (to be confirmed) 
04.08.2019 (to be observed on 05.8.2019) Saturday Founders' Day
12.08.2019 Monday Eid El-Adha (to be confirmed)
21.09.2019 (to be observed on 23.9.2019) Saturday Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day
06.12.2019 Friday Farmers' Day
25.12.2019 Wednesday Christmas  
26.12.2019 Thursday Boxing Day