Visa Desk - Vancouver

Schengen Visa C

Please see the instructions for application for a Schengen visa

Personal appearance is required for all persons over the age of 12. If you have been issued a Schengen C visa in the past 59 months, you may be able to apply by post. Please scan your pervious visa and e-mail us to see if you are eligible:

Processing Times

As a general rule, a decision is taken by the Consulate within 15 days. This period may, in individual cases, be extended. Please submit your application up to six months before your planned entry into the Schengen area. 

National Visa D

Please see the instructions for application for a national visa D.
The Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver accepts visa D applications and issues them by post only, there is no drop off or pick up.

Processing Times

Please mail your application file to our office and then wait for the authorization PDF from the competent Cantonal Migration Office. Processing times are 8-15 weeks. Once you have your authorization PDF, please mail it to us along with your passport and a prepaid self-addressed return envelope. You may also refer to our Authorized Visa page if your visa has been authorized in Switzerland.

Should you need further assistance with your visa application, you can e-mail us at