The Swiss Embassy in Baku publishes periodically a newsletter containing information on culture, science, politics and activities of the Embassy.

The Embassy Newsletter covers political, cultural and economic developments in the country, focusing on topics relevant to Switzerland. The newsletter is mainly aimed at Swiss citizens living in the country and gives information about the consular issues, bilateral relations and activities taken by the Embassy.

Newsletter N12, December 2023 (PDF, 11 Pages, 2.2 MB, English)

Newsletter N11, July 2022 (PDF, 9 Pages, 2.1 MB, English)

Newsletter N10, July 2021 (PDF, 6 Pages, 1.4 MB, English)

Newsletter N9, July 2020 (PDF, 7 Pages, 1.4 MB, English)

Newsletter N8, December 2019 (PDF, 11 Pages, 2.3 MB, English)

Newsletter N7, April 2019 (PDF, 16 Pages, 3.3 MB, English)

Newsletter N6, December 2018 (PDF, 18 Pages, 3.2 MB, English)

Newsletter N5, July 2018 (PDF, 17 Pages, 3.1 MB)

Newsletter N4, December 2017 (PDF, 17 Pages, 1.6 MB, English)

Newsletter N3, July 2017 (PDF, 1.0 MB)

Newsletter N2, December 2016

Newsletter N1, June 2016 (PDF, 12 Pages, 769.4 kB)

The Newsletter is available as a Download.

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