TOMCHI - I winners are awarded

Press releases, 07.02.2019

On February 7, 2019, prizes were awarded to the winners of the first “TOMCHI” mobile application (MA) contest, conducted as part of the campaign to raise awareness of water saving technologies among the public.

TOMCHI - I Award Ceremony
TOMCHI - I Award Ceremony ©FDFA

The first competition was announced at the end of November last year by the National Project on Water Resources Management in Uzbekistan, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Project is also the mobile application developer.

26 + 2 winners were determined using a computer program - a random number generator choosing out of the numbers of all registered participants. The winners include 13 water users-farmers, dehkans and household plots and 13 staff of state water management organizations and Water Users’ Associations. All winners received a smartphone equipped with the “TOMCHI” MA.

In addition to these prizes, the “TOMCHI” users were given the opportunity to participate in the drawing of a super prize, as a result of which two lucky ones were awarded a trip to the Czech Republic.

ATTENTION: “TOMCHI” Contest - 2 was announced

The organizers announced the second round of the “TOMCHI” Competition. It is intended for students, undergraduates, graduate students and teachers of the Institute for Irrigation and melioration of Agriculture and its affiliation in the Bukhara region, the Agrarian University and its affiliates in the regions, other higher education institutions, research workers of the research institutes of the water sector, students and teachers of water and agricultural colleges throughout the country.

To participate in this competition, the students need to download the “TOMCHI” MA between February 7 and March 24, 2019 and take the proposed test on water saving technologies. All the answers to the test questions can be found in the documents contained in the “TOMCHI” MA.

In the second round of the Competition, three groups of winners will be determined:

  1. 13 college students (one from each region) will receive smart phones;
  2. The students of higher educational institutions will compete for 20 smart phones and 1 notebook;
  3. One member of the faculty and research staff will win a trip to Prague to meet colleagues from a university in the Czech Republic.

For the details, just download the “TOMCHI” MA directly from the App store, Google Play or using the QR code.