Governance, human rights and service delivery

Switzerland’s strategic objective in the domain of Governance, human rights and service delivery (GHRSD) is to foster inclusive and accountable governance, the rule of law, and respect for human rights for the benefit of all. Switzerland implements a coherent programme that aims to empower people, ensuring that they are aware of their rights and able to voice their needs. The programme also assists local authorities in becoming more effective, transparent and accountable. In addition, the programme facilitates democratic spaces that allow public institutions, women and men and civil society to engage in dialogue and together seek solutions to the challenges they face. Switzerland supports government institutions, strengthening their knowledge and expertise in terms of making informed decisions on debt management and public finances. Finally, the culture programme will be strengthened to foster cultures of pluralistic expression and exchange.


Switzerland's engagement

Governance and human rights

The Government of Switzerland supports reform processes aimed at enhancing the resilience of the population and institutions, social cohesion and civic engagement. Switzerland will address reform-implementation gaps by continuing to work to improve access to basic public services and strengthen the transparency as well as the performance of state institutions. It will also strengthen checks and balances, and combat corruption. An active civil society, together with stronger, more responsive public institutions, will form the cornerstone of Switzerland's efforts to promote better governance. 

Arts and culture

Switzerland considers arts and culture as an important component and tool of good governance. Supporting cultural activities is an integral and indispensable part of the Swiss engagement in Uzbekistan as "Culture is not one of life's luxuries – it is life itself". The Central Asia Arts and Culture Programme (CAACP), which covers both regional and national projects, is implemented together with our colleagues in Dushanbe and Bishkek. It aims to support and enlarge safe spaces where artists, as "actors of change", address societal issues through free expression and diverse creations. The programme also contributes to the development of a public debate and exposes people to a diversity of views and opinions. 

Swiss achievements in governance, arts and culture

Switzerland supported local government institutions in participative planning and budgeting for a youth and child-friendly environment in local communities. In selected pilot cities, young people learned to advocate for their needs and raise their voices while the authorities learned to engage in meaningful participation and to listen to the youth. With the new legal provision criminalizing domestic violence as a landmark development for gender equality in Uzbekistan, Switzerland contributed to its implementation by supporting local civil society and authorities to provide specialized services for women victims of gender-based violence. With the Swiss support to OHCHR and UNESCO human rights, access to information and free media are strengthened.  
Also, Switzerland has made significant contributions to the diversity of arts and culture, primarily through independent arts and culture organizations, in order to provide the societies with alternative views of and approaches to cultural expression. The support allowed greater freedom of expression and helped to enlarge open spaces for intercultural dialogue and regional exchanges.