Travel Admin 3.0: the FDFA's travel app is now even more efficient

Press releases, 27.02.2024

Travel Admin 3.0 goes live on 27 February 2024. The latest version of the travel app, which is provided free of charge by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), has been upgraded and redesigned and is now easier than ever to use. Launched in 2019, the Consular Directorate's Travel Admin app has proved useful to travellers facing emergencies abroad, including armed conflicts, natural disasters and accidents.

Travel Admin 3.0 is a free app provided by the FDFA, which allows Swiss citizens to travel safely abroad. The FDFA can inform travellers who have logged into the app and recorded their trip about the current situation on the ground and options available for leaving a crisis-affected area. As set out in the Swiss Abroad Act, travellers must exercise personal responsibility when planning or undertaking a trip abroad. The latest version of the app assists Swiss nationals in preparing for their trip and while they are travelling. The federal government can provide consular assistance to Swiss nationals in emergencies abroad, provided they have already made every effort to help themselves.

An even more user-friendly version

Travel Admin 3.0 provides the address, contact details and website of the nearest Swiss representation, enabling travellers to contact it by phone, Skype or email. Travellers can also access emergency numbers (fire brigade, police, ambulance) for any country in the world directly via the app. At the tap of a button, they can share information about their trip with their contacts. They can also easily update their current location at regular intervals during the trip.

In Travel Admin 3.0, travellers can access the FDFA's travel advice with a simple tap. The FDFA's country-by-country travel advice provides safety and security assessments, focusing on the political situation and crime, and general recommendations for travelling abroad. The FDFA recommends that Swiss travellers abroad consult the travel advice before their trip.

Once they have logged in, travellers can enter travel destinations, any people they are travelling with and emergency contact information. The app also provides checklists for key documents (passport and tickets), payment methods, medicines, etc., which travellers can customise to prepare for their trip.

At the side of travellers since 2019

People's travel patterns have changed in recent years, which brings fresh challenges for consular services. People living in Switzerland, for example, make over 16 million trips abroad each year. Since Travel Admin was launched by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis in 2019, the FDFA has continued to develop the app. The app has since proved highly useful. During the events in the Middle East in October 2023, for example, Travel Admin efficiently and systematically informed stranded Swiss travellers about airline capacity, enabling them to leave the region.

Finally, the FDFA works with a number of partners that travellers can access through the app. These now include Swiss Air-Rescue Rega as well as existing partners Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) and Swissinfo (news and information platform from Switzerland). The charitable foundation, which is highly popular with the public in Switzerland and has 3.6 million patrons, helps with medical problems abroad. Each year, Rega's medical consultants help around 2,500 people in a medical emergency abroad by telephone or arrange for them to be transported back to Switzerland.

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