Temporary stay abroad

Planning to go abroad? The FDFA provides a range of useful information on travelling abroad, learning languages and studying abroad, working as an au pair, and trainee programmes.

Travelling abroad

Travel advice

The FDFA publishes travel advice for most countries around the world. If a country's security situation has been affected, the travel advice section will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

Travel Admin

You and your family can enter the dates of your holidays, visits or business trips abroad (short stays) in the Travel Admin app. This information makes it easier for the FDFA to find and contact you if there is an emergency where you are. If you want to settle abroad, please contact the Swiss representation responsible for your destination country.

Consular protection

The Swiss government may under its provisions for   assist natural persons and legal entities abroad if they cannot reasonably or are not in a position to safeguard their interests on their own or with the help of third parties (Art. 42, SAA). 

Further studies and language learning abroad

In the sections below you can access information, resources and relevant contact details for exchanges, studying abroad, scholarships, working as an au pair, and secondments. Useful information on entry requirements, insurance and tax is also available.

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