Seeking employment in Switzerland

Every Swiss national who has been living abroad is entitled to work in Switzerland and does not require a work permit. Public and private job placement services are available.

Public employment service

If you live abroad and are looking for work in Switzerland, the Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) of the Canton Basel-Town will be happy to assist you in finding a job. Acting on behalf of the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), it supports Swiss nationals living abroad who seek employment anywhere in Switzerland. The AWA maintains a central information system of job vacancies in conjunction with the employment offices of the other cantons. The information system is designed as a tool for those seeking employment and for collecting labour marked statistics. The freely accessible job offers are published on the Internet. You can apply for any position using the registration form below.


Registration form for Swiss citizens living abroad (PDF, 286.7 kB, English)

In the public employment information system, your dossier is available to all interested employers and registered private employment agencies. If you wish, your dossier ca be made anonymous. The AWA can advise you on putting together the documents needed for your application and on request can give you support in your job research. For further information, visit the web portal:

Private employment agencies

In Switzerland, private employment agencies require a licence. The list of licensed companies is included in the directory of employment and temping agencies of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). These commercially operated agencies offer a broad variety of jobs and mediation services.

Directory of employment and temping agencies (de, fr, it)