Public holidays

 Swiss days off:    
02.01.2024 Tuesday St. Berthold's Day
01.04.2024 Monday Catholic Easter Monday
01.08.2024 Thursday Swiss National Day
24.12.2024 Tuesday Holy Evening
26.12.2024 Thursday Stefanstag
31.12.2024 Tuesday New Year's eve
Local official holidays:   
01.01.2024 Monday New Year's day
08.01.2024 Monday Second day of the Orthodox Christmas
08.03.2024 Friday Women's day
01.05.2024 Wednesday Labour Day
06.05.2024 Monday Orthodox Easter Monday
09.05.2024 Thursday Europe Day/Victory Day
13.05.2024 Monday Commemoration Day
27.08.2024 Tuesday Independence Day
14.10.2024 Monday Chisinau Day
25.12.2024 Wednesday Day after Christmas-Stephanstag
In 2024, the Swiss Cooperation Office doesn't work on these official holidays: