Swiss Business Hub Korea

As local representatives of Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Swiss Business Hubs promote sustainable economic development. In addition to providing specific information on local economic conditions, the Swiss Business Hubs oversee the implementation of international business objectives and make available a wide network of contacts.

As part of the federal mandate to promote exports, Switzerland Global Enterprise observes the principles of Swiss foreign policy and foreign economic policy and promotes sustainable economic development. The representations abroad of Switzerland Global Enterprise are managed as Swiss Business Hubs.

These local teams are mostly located in a Swiss embassy or a Swiss consulate general. Switzerland Global Enterprise has a network of 22 Swiss Business Hubs. For issues relating to exports, the Swiss Business Hubs are the first point of contact after an initial consultation in Switzerland.

Tasks of the Swiss Business Hubs

Thanks to their official status, all Swiss Business Hubs enjoy access to the best possible network of contacts. They promote business relations between a wide variety of economic actors, linking partners in the respective countries with businesses in Switzerland and establishing useful contacts in bilateral trade and service sectors. Specific information on local economic conditions in the host country simplifies the implementation of international business objectives. Swiss Business Hubs also promote Switzerland abroad as a good place for business.

Swiss Business Hub Korea

The Swiss Business Hub Korea started its business in 2010 and is located within the premises of the Swiss Embassy in Seoul. The Hub is the network partner of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Head office: Stampfenbachstrasse 85, CH-8006 Zürich; Tel.: +41 (0)44 365 51.

The SBH Korea is responsible for facilitating business relations between Korean and Swiss companies. It supports Swiss primary exporters in their first steps or their expansion in the Korean market. Since 2013 the SBH Korea has also advised organizations wishing to establish a subsidiary or a technological partnership in Switzerland.

Export Promotion

The SBH Korea offers specific services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, helping them launch, strengthen and develop their business in Korea. It benefits from a broad network of contacts in Korea, the know-how of experts, and extensive experience in organizing events.

Its main tasks are:

  • Market and product analysis
  • Search of distributors, representatives and import partners
  • Individual consulting and coaching of SMEs
  • Providing up-to-date market-relevant information and product data
  • Assisting SMEs participating in trade fairs in Korea and reporting on these events
  • Information about the Korean markets via the central information-platform of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)
  • Information about the Swiss economy for Korean companies and media.
  • Organization of events and fact finding missions for Swiss companies and associations.

Our step-by-step approach allows us to provide tailor-made, competent consulting services for our clients. Whenever necessary, the Hub cooperates with other sections of the Swiss Embassy to optimize the quality of its services.

Basic information is free of charge; a fee will be charged for individual consulting and/or services.

Investment Promotion

The SBH Korea offers free consulting services to Korean companies wishing to establish a presence in Switzerland:

  • Information about the Swiss economic and business structure: administrative and legal environment, practical steps to establish a company, labor market and laws, financial issues (costs and tax), real estate etc.
  • Introduction to local economic networks which will accelerate assessment of the operational aspects of the expansion: choice of a business site, organization of fact-finding visits, guidance on staff recruitment etc.
  • In collaboration with the Science & Technology Office of the Embassy: Support in finding the right business or research partners in key Swiss industries: the SBH Korea benefits from a widespread network of economic and technological contacts. It offers introductions to relevant research and technology transfer centers, business networks and clusters, and can also help in targeting R&D partners

For futher information about Investment Promotion, please contact

Ms. Monica Okjeong BAIK, Deputy Head

Direct: +82-2 3704 4741

Ms. Yesun OH, Senior Investment Officer

Direct: +82-2 3704 4776

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