Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland.

The diplomatic presence of Switzerland in Ireland started almost 80 years ago, with the opening of a Legation, which became an Embassy in 1962. Since then, the Embassy has been providing services for the Swiss community living in or visiting Ireland as well as promoting political, economic and cultural links between both countries.

This being said, the relations between both countries go well beyond the diplomatic relations. It dates at least back to the 7th century, when St-Gallus, an Irish monk founded the Abbey of St-Gallen. Today, the Swiss city of St-Gallen still bears his name.

Furthermore, Switzerland streamlined its consular services to London in 2012. The needs of Swiss citizens living or temporarily staying in Ireland are being met ever since by our colleagues at the Regional Consular Centre in London. Hence, the Embassy focuses its work on furthering Swiss interests in Ireland.

It was my pleasure to be nominated Ambassador to Ireland. As the President of Ireland has already received my letters of credence, I can now fully work to develop further the relations between Switzerland and Ireland. Also, I will do my best to take care of our friendship with the Irish people, as well as to be receptive as much as possible for the Swiss community living in this country.

In the meantime, please enjoy discovering our website which aims at providing you with overall information about Switzerland! Our website is going to be permanently updated. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to make comments, suggestions or proposals! We will be more than happy to improve this website by providing the information you are looking for. 

With my best wishes,

Benedict Gubler