Benefits of studying in Switzerland


Through the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, Switzerland offers Georgian youth immense opportunities to sharpen skills and deepen knowledge at the best Swiss universities and institutes. Irina Tsertsvaze and Tako Bazgadze are two young professionals who were granted an opportunity to graduate from the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). By presenting their testimonials, we hope to encourage more Georgian young and smart people to cease given opportunities and become better leaders and professionals.  

Irina Tsertsvadze - GCSP graduate from Georgia
GCSP graduate from Georgia © Irina Tsertsvadze

“The Geneva Center for the Security Policy (GCSP) is the place where Knowledge truly meets Experience.

I found myself extremely lucky to be part of the Leadership in International Security Course (LISC) 2016-2017, organized by the GCSP and to receive the Master’s Degree in the International and European Security from the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva.

The course is about being prepared for the security challenges of the future. The outstanding curriculum gives you possibility to transform your mindset, and think outside the box. The prize is a no judgment environment for examining creative ideas, with constructive feedback from the highly professional academic staff, and innovative solutions that are the participant’s responsibility to discover.

Eight months spent in International Geneva, enjoying “Intellectual Nirvana” of the GCSP, and benefiting from the world’s leading experts on Security and Defence was an absolute milestone for my professional and personal development at this stage of my “journey”.

By all means I should mention my friends, and fellow participants from all over the world, from whom I learnt a lot throughout the course and I am sure our friendship will continue always.

It will be wonderful  to use the knowledge, innovative approaches and priceless networking opportunities of the GCSP for my institution and my country.  I am extremely grateful to the Swiss Government for giving me unique opportunity for the  professional growth. I believe that investing in education is a direct way of investing in a peaceful and prosperous Georgia.”

Tamar Bazgadze - GCSP graduate from Georgia
GCSP graduate from Georgia © Tamar Bazgadze

Before joining the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), I served as Chief National Security Analyst at Ministry of Defence of Georgia. But I always failed to see “Analyst” as a job description. For me it is the way all thinkers function. It is an art and tradecraft of creating new knowledge through a structured and disciplined thought process. It is about making your brain you friend.

Sticking to this approach, I was looking for an executive program in International Security which would echo the motto of Enlightenment: “Sapere Aude” – dare to know, dare to think independently. GCSP, which is known as an “academic Silicon Valley”, turned out to be a go-to place.

The Centre creates a safe and the same time rigorous intellectual environment to cultivate a culture of critical and strategic thinking. GCSP doesn’t give you clear cut answers; it trains you to crystallize your own understanding. It is a place where you stimulate your curiosity, challenge your mental models and build long-term intellectual resilience.

One of the biggest beauties of the program is the intense collective learning experience. As a result, collective intelligence created at GCSP is bigger than just a sum of the fellows, the incredible GCSP staff and high-level international guest speakers.  The program also exposes you to all the beautiful minds in International Geneva, as you have an access to numerous international institutions, including United Nations Office in Geneva and World Trade Organization.

The personal and professional skills and networks built in Geneva and GCSP are a capital for life. I am willing to use this capital in the best interests of my country. In my belief intellectual resources are the most valuable asset Georgia can capitalize on. So I encourage everyone preparing for leadership positions in Foreign and Defense policy to take full advantage of all that GCSP has to offer.