Reading tour of Swiss Authors in Finland

Thursday, 29.09.2016 – Friday, 07.10.2016


In September 2016 the Finnish editions of Alain Claude Sulzer's novel "Ein perfekter Kellner", translated by Olli Sarrivaara and Jonas Lüscher's novel "Frühling der Barbaren", translated by Anne Mäkelä, will be published by LURRA Editions. Mr Sulzer and Mr Lüscher travel to Finland at the end of September / beginning of October to participate at various literary events.   


Dates of location of the events the authors are participating at:

30.9. University Åbo Akademi, Turku

02.10. Deutsche Bibliothek, Helsinki

3.10 Literature House "Villa Kivi", Helsinki

4.10. Oulu City Library, Oulu (only Mr Sulzer)

5.10. University of Oulu, Oulu (only Mr Sulzer) 

More information on the authors and events can be found under the following links:

Alain Claude Sulzer

Jonas Lüscher

Deutsche Bibliothek Helsinki

Literaturhaus Villa Kivi

Lurra Editions

Stadtbibliothek Oulu

Sveitsin Ystävät Suomessa ry

Universität Helsinki

Universität Åbo Akademi

Location: Various cities, Finland