Bilateral Framework Agreement with the Czech Republic

A tram driving through the Czech city of Olomuc.
The construction of a new tram line in Olomouc in the Czech Republic makes the public transport system more reliable and thus increases the demand for it. © SECO

In 2007 Switzerland concluded a bilateral framework agreement with the Czech Republic which sets out the aim, scope, form and use of the enlargement contribution as well as the most important provisions on its implementation. 

The framework agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the government of the Czech Republicconcerns the implementation of Swiss-Czech cooperation efforts to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union (EU). It was concluded on 20 December 2007 and came into effect by exchange of notes on 3 March 2008.

The Framework (core) Agreement (PDF, 34.2 kB)

Annex 1 of the Framework Agreement contains the principles upon which cooperation is based, describes the main strategic guidelines in implementing the contribution, and specifies the geographic and thematic focuses. (Modified Version of 11 February 2011)

Annex 1 (PDF, 10 Pages, 132.2 kB, English)

Annex 2 defines the practical rules and procedures agreed upon, i.e., the procedures for project submission, project approval, project implementation, payment, controlling, and audits – all are described in detail along with specification of the respective responsibilities. (Modified Version of 5 May 2009)

Annex 2 (PDF, 10 Pages, 106.3 kB, English)

Finally, Annex 3 contains the procedures for the special financing facilities such as the so-called Block Grants, the Project-Preparation (Seed Money) Facility, the Technical Assistance Fund, and the Scholarship Fund. (Modified Version of 5 May 2009)

Annex 3 (PDF, 43.7 kB, English)