Swiss globetrotters in the UAE

Press release, 07.04.2016

Swiss couple makes a stop in the UAE on their 32-year-long journey.

Swiss globetrotters in front of their car in the UAE
Emil and Liliana Schmid in front of their car FDFA

Emil and Liliana Schmid, a Swiss couple from around Zurich, passed the UAE on their epic world tour. The two globetrotters started their journey back in October 1984. The continuous travel in their sky-blue Toyota Landcruiser, is a classical Guinness World Record.

During their layover in the UAE, they were handed over the newest world record certificate from the Dubai branch of the Guinness World Record organization. They also stopped by the Embassy of Switzerland in Abu Dhabi to share some anecdotes and to plan for their next destinations.

We wish them all the best and hope to see them again sometime in the future.