Rule of Law and Protection

One of three key orientations of its Cooperation Strategy for the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt) for 2015-2018, SDC’s focus on the Domain of Rule of Law and Protection reflects its prominence as a donor in the field of human rights and humanitarian advocacy. This orientation is endorsed and reinforced through coordination with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs’ Human Security Division and Directorate for International Law.

Agro-economic development

Switzerland will support economic development that creates sustainable employment and income opportunities for small-scale agribusiness holders. Switzerland will focus its intervention on market-oriented initiatives targeting the poor and the disadvantaged. This approach should strengthen resilience and protection from displacement for marginalized communities in the most vulnerable areas of the West Bank and Gaza.

Effective service delivery through local governance

Switzerland will support local authorities and civil society organizations in marginalized areas (especially in Gaza and the West Bank small rural communities) to improve the provision of quality services and strengthen social accountability.