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Voluntary report on the implementation of international humanitarian law

08.10.2020 — Position Nigeria
The voluntary report provides an overview of international humanitarian law (IHL) implementation by Switzerland. It was prepared by the Interdepartmental Committee for International Humanitarian Law (ICIHL) and approved by the Federal Council (Swiss government) on 12 August 2020.

Coronavirus: Switzerland adapts its entry requirements for transit air travel

28.08.2020 — Press releases Nigeria
Bern-Wabern, 28.08.2020 - As of 31 August, it will no longer be possible to enter Switzerland from a high-risk country on a transit flight via a non-high-risk country. However, passengers travelling from a non-high-risk country will be able to enter Switzerland even if they have a stopover in a high-risk country, provided they do not leave the transit area of the airport. Until now, it has been possible to circumvent the entry restrictions by travelling via airports in countries not on the high-risk list.

Switzerland working to prevent violence in Nigeria's upcoming presidential elections

13.02.2019 — Press releases Nigeria
Bern, 13.02.2019 - By signing the Abuja Peace Agreement, the main candidates have today renewed their commitment to conducting peaceful presidential elections and promoting post-election peace. Switzerland commends all the signatories and calls on them to abide by the agreement. At the request of Nigerian stakeholders, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has contributed technical expertise and financial support to efforts to prevent election-related violence, working in cooperation with local and international partners such as the Kofi Annan Foundation.

Human Rights Day 2017

11.12.2017 — Press releases Nigeria
In exactly one year from today, on 10 December 2018, Switzerland together with the international community will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which 70 years after its adoption, remains of unequivocal relevance. Human rights are a necessity for our societies, an invaluable ingredient to boost peace and stability and to foster sustainable development. Human rights are at the heart of the values represented by Switzerland and its political model, which is founded on the principles of democracy, non-discrimination, gender equality, peaceful coexistence, and mutual respect among people having different religious, linguistic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Switzerland calls upon its partners to join it in making this Human Rights Day 2017 a day of unequivocal relevance for the promotion and the protection of human rights.

Restitution of USD 321 million by Switzerland to Nigeria under World Bank oversight: signing of a tripartite agreement

05.12.2017 — Press releases Nigeria

A media release from the Swiss Government: 

Bern, 04.12.2017 - In keeping with its policy of returning illegally acquired assets, Switzerland has reached an agreement with Nigeria and the World Bank on the restitution of approximately USD 321 million to Nigeria's population. The modalities of restitution are set out in an agreement which was signed by the three parties on 4 December in Washington D.C. at the Global Forum on Asset Recovery (GFAR).

National Day 2017 greetings

17.07.2017 — Press releases Nigeria

President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard:

National Day 2017 greetings for the Swiss abroad

Missing Steps Press Release

24.03.2017 — Press releases Nigeria

With support from the Government of Switzerland, IOM Nigeria is turning to TV to encourage regular migration.

Press Communique from FDFA in Bern

04.02.2016 — Press releases Nigeria

Switzerland’s historic commitment to humanitarian aid, the protection of individuals and the promotion of peace is known throughout the world. As a neutral actor in conflict situations, Switzerland has never given financial support to military interventions and will abstain from doing so in the future.

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