Gender equality

Gender equality and good governance will be addressed as mandatory crosscutting themes throughout all Swiss-funded interventions in Bangladesh. Gender equality mainstreaming implies that all development activities will continue to be planned and monitored based on appropriate gender analysis and gender-disaggregated data. Prevention of unforeseen negative side-effects on gender roles and dynamics (do-no-harm) and targeted measures of woman empowerment will be applied where necessary and appropriate in all domains of interventions.

Good governance mainstreaming implies that all Swiss-funded interventions will reflect the evolving development context in terms of social justice or emerging conflicts and explicitly address relevant aspects of good governance such as participation, non-discrimination, transparency, accountability, and efficiency. Targeted measures will be undertaken where needed in all domains of interventions

Owing to the vulnerability of Bangladesh to natural disasters, which is likely to increase as a result of climate change, DRR will be mainstreamed wherever relevant and feasible, in particular in the Market Development and Local Governance portfolios.

A man and a woman having a discussion in a working group on gender issues in Bangladesh
SDC/John Paul Kay

For the SDC, gender equality is a transversal theme, a theme cutting across all of the SDC’s development programmes where it is systematically fostered. Indeed, the reduction of discrimination based on gender is at once both a goal of development and a pre-condition for development to take place.

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