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Arad rehabilitation of district heating

16.07.2015 - 18.11.2018

The activities of this project are twofold. Parts of the thermal transport network in Arad are rehabilitated. Moreover, an existing thermal substation in Aradul Nou, a residential area in Arad, is converted into a new heat boiler station. Besides the improvement of comfort to its citizens, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions and consequent improvement of the environment, the municipal district heating rehabilitation programme is also intended to improve the finances of the Municipality of Arad.

Project completed

Cluj-Napoca public lighting with LED

09.07.2015 - 09.08.2019

In order to improve road safety and save energy, a part of Cluj-Napoca’s street lighting system is being modernized and equipped with modern LED lamps and a telemanagement system. In addition, the indoor lighting system of public buildings will be replaced by modern LED technology.

Project completed

Brasov rehabilitation of district heating system

Construction worker in excavator

25.06.2015 - 07.09.2019

In the framework of this project, the old, worn-out and over-dimensioned tubes of the heat transport and distribution networks of district heating system of Tractorul, a residential area of the city of Brasov, will be replaced.

Project completed

Integrated Export Services for Sustainable Support of SMEs

Woman with honey jar

17.06.2015 - 07.09.2019

The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness and export capacities of small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs), specifically in the wood and furniture industry as well as in the organic agriculture sector, by improving their export potential and their market diversification, thereby reducing economic disparities and contributing to the development of two of Romania's poorest regions. Currently, Romania has a low number of exporting SMEs and a limited number of innovative companies being involved in export. The project is full in line with Romania’s National Export Strategy (2014-2020) owing to Romania’s competitive advantages such as technical skills, good farmland, availability of raw materials and external demand. 

Project completed

Arad public lighting with LED

Two pedestrians on an illuminated path

28.05.2015 - 30.06.2019

In order to improve road safety and energy efficiency, a part of Arad’s public lighting system is modernized and extended. This includes the illumination of a bicycle road, a pedestrian boardwalk along the Mures River and 70 playgrounds around the City of Arad, as well as the modernization and extension of street lighting systems with LED lamps.

Project completed

Suceava public lighting with LED

02.04.2015 - 07.09.2019

In order to improve road safety and save energy, Suceava’s street lighting system was modernized and equipped with modern LED lamps and a telemanagement system.

Project completed

Institutionalization of European Energy Award

02.04.2015 - 30.06.2019

The “Energy City / European Energy Award” is a certification system for sustainable energy management in municipalities. The implementation of the related controlling process favors the optimal allocation of resources to energy relevant projects. The "European Energy Award" is a good instrument to pursue the objectives of the EU program "Covenant of Mayors" which promotes the 20/20/20 objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, improve energy efficiency by 20% and increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix by 20%, at the level of municipalities.

Project completed
Project completed

Romanian-Swiss Program for SMEs

Man working with the machine tool which can cut 3D promotional products

16.01.2014 - 30.06.2019

SME finance and thus the development of the Romanian private sector have been identified as a priority under the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme. The Romanian-Swiss Program for SMEs is responding to the existing gap on the Romanian financial market by providing investment loans, which are backed by preferential guarantees, to SMEs in the manufacturing, tourism, health, cleantech, transportation, IT, construction and technology sector. If an SME of one of these sectors fulfills certain quality criteria (i.a. operating license since at least one year, no arrears owed to Romanian authorities) as well as the lending rules and procedures of the participating commercial bank CEC Bank S.A., it is eligible for an investment credit in order to implement its business plan.

Project completed

Extension of Metro Line no 4 pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Hommes avec plan métro

24.09.2013 - 07.09.2019

Heavy traffic, pollution and an under-dimensioned street network became the order of the day in Bucharest. Substantial investments in the existing metro network, operated by Metrorex, are urgent. Since it is planned to extend the M4 metro line, this projects supports the preparation of a pre-feasibility study and a feasibility study, based on whose Metrorex will be able to reach out to potential donors to secure financing for the actual implementation of this large infrastructure project.

Project completed

Project Preparation Facility (PPF)

25.03.2011 - 06.10.2014

The Swiss Contribution to enlargement aims to finance a broad variety of projects. The PPF provided the necessary financial assistance to enable Executing Agencies to submit high quality project proposals. This was especially important in the case of complex projects.

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