Projects in Romania

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Scientific Exchange Programme (Sciex) Romania

Sciex Project, Bulgaria

01.06.2011 - 31.12.2017

The Scientific Exchange Programme between the New Member States and Switzerland, for short, has given over 500 young researchers from new EU member states the opportunity to complete a short-term residency in Switzerland to further their research.

Project completed

Thematic Fund Security Romania

01.04.2011 - 31.12.2019

The Thematic Fund Security has the purpose to address Schengen related issues and to contribute to enhancing socially related security as well as to fighting against corruption and organized crime. It shall support mainly joint projects between Swiss and Romanian institutions.

Project completed

Thematic Fund Health Romania

01.04.2011 - 06.12.2019

The Thematic Fund for Health Reforms in Romania has the purpose to deepen and widen previous support by Switzerland to reforms in the area of medical emergency and paediatry and will in addition to that support the development of community integrated health and social services in rural areas.

Project completed

Romanian-Swiss Research Programme

01.03.2011 - 30.06.2017

Through the Romanian-Swiss Research Programme Switzerland contributes to enhancing the Romanian scientific competitiveness through strengthening capacity in research. Swiss and Romanian research institutions develop and implement joint research activities in the field of health, environment, renewable energy, economic growth and social disparities.

Project completed

Technical Assistance Fund

01.03.2011 - 06.12.2019

The bilateral Framework Agreement foresees the possibility of utilizing approximately 1.5% of the total allocation to cover certain management costs in the beneficiary country. The technical assistance will support the submission of qualitative projects, transparent processes, and a good visibility of the Swiss Contribution in Romania.

Project completed

Schengen Issues

01.10.2010 - 31.12.2012

The project was aimed to strenghten the personnel capacities of all stake-holders concerning Schengen topics with a main focus on SIS and SIRENE in view of Romania's joining Schengen in March 2011. Activities included flyers for police officers, posters for the general public and counselling of the SIRENE Bureau by fedpol.

Project completed

Ministry of Public Finance – Electronic document management system

22.09.2016 - 07.09.2019

National public entities entrusted with fiscal administration interact very regularly with various private and public actors at national, regional and local level. This is also true for Romania, where the National Agency for Fiscal Administration is situated in the Ministry of Public Finance. By improving the digitalized administration in the Ministry of Public Finance, affairs and services such as revenue collection can be ensured in a better, more reliable manner and the service level to taxpayers and the general population improved. For this purpose, Switzerland supports the modernization and reliability of the existing electronic document management system of the Ministry of Public Finance.

Project completed

Sustainable Energy Action Fund

11.05.2016 - 07.11.2019

The objectives of this Fund are to enhance the sustainable energy management at the municipal level in Romania by improving municipal infrastructure, building capacity and raising awareness about energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to increase living standards, promote economic development and provide a response to climate change.

Project completed

Cluj-Napoca rehabilitation of public buildings

27.08.2015 - 27.07.2019

The objectives of the project are the thermal and electric rehabilitation of four buildings in the two public schools in the city of Cluj-Napoca (George Cosbuc National College and Sigismund Toduta music high school). Besides the improvement of energy efficiency and cost savings, the project will also contribute to improved working conditions of students and put the buildings in line with sanitary requirements for public schools.

Project completed

Suceava electromobility

A man renting an e-bike.

30.07.2015 - 07.09.2019

This project aims at promoting electromobility in the city of Suceava and throughout Romania. The supply of different types of e-vehicles and the construction of a dense and future-oriented network of charging stations are promoting this technology. The effects of the projects are a reduced consumption of energy resulting in a decreased emission of climate-effecting gases. Furthermore, an example for the use of electric vehicles as a way towards a more sustainable and green mobility is to be made.

Project completed

Cluj-Napoca electric buses

Electric buses

29.07.2015 - 29.10.2018

In order to promote clean urban transport and innovative, sustainable public transport, reduce energy consumption and improve air quality, old diesel buses of Cluj-Napoca were replaced by battery powered autonomous electric buses, which will complement existing public transportation systems, such as trolleybuses and trams.

Project completed

Brasov rehabilitation of public buildings

Renovated school building

23.07.2015 - 23.07.2019

The objective of the project is the thermal and electric refurbishment of two public schools in the city of Brasov (Grigore Moisil Information Technology College and a primary school with kindergarten, named Grammar School No 4). Besides the improvement of energy efficiency and cost savings, the proposed measures will also result in improved working conditions of students and pupils. Additionally, the buildings standards will be in line with the Romanian sanitary requirements for public schools.

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