Brexit: New regulations on entry with animals and animal products from the United Kingdom

Press releases, 10.12.2020

From 1 January 2021, imports of animals and animal products from the United Kingdom into Switzerland will be subject to the same conditions as imports from countries outside the European Union. This has consequences for travellers wishing to import animals or products of animal origin from the United Kingdom into Switzerland.

The United Kingdom (UK) will no longer be a member of the European Union from 1 January 2021. From that date, the nations of England, Scotland and Wales that form part of the UK will be regarded as third countries for the purposes of veterinary and food legislation.This has consequences for people entering Switzerland from the UK or returning to Switzerland after a trip to the UK. From January, they will be subject to new regulations permitting imports of animals and goods only under specified conditions.

Direct entry with dogs possible only via airports

Entry and re-entry with dogs, cats, ferrets or birds will now be possible only via the airports of Geneva, Zurich and Basel. Birds may now be imported only via the airports of Geneva and Zurich.
New regulations will also apply regarding rabies. Based on current information, the UK is classed as a low-risk country. From 1 January 2021, animals from the UK will be subject to the same entry requirements regarding rabies as, for example, animals from the USA.

Import of meat no longer permitted

An important change applies for travellers carrying food in their luggage: the import of meat or of products containing meat, and the import of foods containing milk (cheese, etc.), will no longer be permitted in future. The import of up to 20 kg of fish, 2 kg of honey and 125 g of caviar per person will still be possible. Travellers can consult the websites of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office and the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) to find out which foods are permitted, in which quantities, and which duties are payable on import. 

The FCA’s “QuickZoll” app enables travellers to check in advance which import conditions apply to their entry into Switzerland.

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