Swiss-Czech partnership for the rights of the child

Article, 19.04.2016

Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to grow up in a family that remains intact. In the Czech Republic too, some children and young people live in homes or other institutions. The aim for the future is to accommodate children in foster families. The Swiss-Czech partnership is building awareness in the Czech Republic of children's rights.

Schoolchildren doing crafts in the classroom.
The rights of the child are a central consideration at Merhautova primary school in Brno.

The International Institute for Children’s Rights (Institut international des Droits de l‘Enfant, IDE) and the non-profit Czech organisation Česko-britská worked together with the help of the partnership fund to ensure that children’s rights are an integral part of the education and training of professionals in the social sector and the field of education.  

Publications on the rights of the child following the projects  

In three successive projects, which were all successfully completed in the last five years, a total of three important publications were published on this subject. In 2012, the Supreme Court in the Czech Republic based a decision made in a case relating to a child on the publication "Study on the Rights of the Child". The sentence and justification were subsequently applied to all courts in the country for use in similar cases. 

Two years later, the two organisations published the study "Ways to Respect and Fulfil Children’s Rights" and in 2014, the publication "Participation and new approaches to working with children and families at risk" was published. Both of these publications were used in June 2015 by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport as the basis for a public tender for the new EU operational programme "Research, Development and Education". This programme focusses on the social integration of children, particularly in the pre-school stage, the prevention of academic failure and the further training of teaching staff.  

Good annual results  

In addition to the progress in children's rights in the Czech Republic, significant results were achieved in all other enlargement contribution partner countries in 2015.  Over 500 doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers received scholarships to do research in Switzerland. Bulgaria introduced legislation that provides for outpatient care based on the Swiss Spitex model, and Slovenia halved the heating and electricity bills of schools through energy efficiency renovations and renewable energies. Other positive and tangible results are presented in the Swiss Enlargement Contribution Annual Report 2015.

Annual Report 2015

Project description