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UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development visits Switzerland

02.10.2019 — EDA
The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development visited Switzerland from 23 September to 2 October 2019. The purpose of this official country visit was to meet representatives from the Federal Administration, cantons and NGOs and learn about Switzerland's implementation of the right to development.

Second meeting of the Working Group on Unresolved Issues established by the Joint Committee supervising the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of Georgia and the Government of the Russian Federation

30.09.2019 — EDA
On 26 and 27 September 2019 a second meeting of the Working Group on Unresolved Issues established by the Joint Committee, supervising the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of Georgia and the Government of the Russian Federation on the basic principles for a mechanism of customs administration and monitoring of trade in goods, signed on 9 November 2011, took place in Bern.

Switzerland tables new Human Rights Council resolution for the abolition of the death penalty

27.09.2019 — EDA
The death penalty should not be applied any longer in the 21st century among others for drug or terrorism-related crimes. This is the objective of a resolution tabled by Switzerland together with seven other countries at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. During the Council's 42nd session, which ended on Friday 27 September, Switzerland also contributed to a resolution aimed at strengthening transitional justice.

President Maurer calls on international community to follow global "compasses" and actively tackle future digital challenges

24.09.2019 — EDA
During the United Nations (UN) ministerial week, President Ueli Maurer described the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions as "compasses of values" that are ever increasing in importance in a time of great uncertainty. The international community has the duty to protect the rights of every country and every person. The digital transformation and, in particular, data protection as part of human rights were also a focal point of his speech to the UN General Assembly.

UN General Assembly: Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis calls for a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict and climate change mitigation

24.09.2019 — EDA
Federal Councillor and head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis has set several priorities as Switzerland celebrates 100 years of multilateralism this year. Last week, he signed a joint declaration with the Canton and City of Geneva reaffirming their commitment to International Geneva's role as a centre of global governance. At the high-level week of the UN General Assembly in New York, Mr Cassis has now called on the international community to strengthen human rights, adding that this will require innovative approaches. During his stay in New York, Mr Cassis will also speak about UN reforms and climate change mitigation, hold bilateral talks, and meet staff of the Swiss mission to the UN and the Swiss consulate general in the city.

Innovation, investment, Swiss community: Ignazio Cassis opens consulate general in Chicago

23.09.2019 — EDA
Switzerland is once again represented in the Midwest, a major economic region of the United States, with a consulate general. At the opening ceremony in Chicago, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis highlighted the potential for increasing cooperation in various areas such as innovation. The reopening of the Chicago representation by the FDFA comes in response to a parliamentary request. The consulate general will increase the support available to Swiss companies in the Chicago metropolitan area and it serves as a further example of strengthened Swiss-US ties.

Carefree travel with the FDFA's new Travel Admin app

21.09.2019 — EDA
On 21 September, the FDFA launched its new Travel Admin app for Swiss nationals travelling or living abroad. Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis took part in the app's official launch in Zurich Airport's main departure terminal and tried it out himself before boarding a flight to the United States. The app is designed to help Swiss citizens plan their stays abroad and to enable the authorities to reach them in the event of a crisis or disaster.

Switzerland and Slovenia stress strong ties and dynamic exchanges

19.09.2019 — EDA
Slovenian President Borut Pahor paid an official visit to Switzerland on Thursday, 19 September. President Ueli Maurer and Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis received the Slovenian delegation at the Lohn country residence. Both sides stressed the strong ties between the two countries and the dynamic state of relations.

Object 133 – 144 of 2771

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