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Discover the world with the FDFA and with peace mind

17.01.2020 — Article EDA
Just what is the perfect trip abroad? And where would it take you? Swiss travellers have different needs and expectations – some prefer to go on their own, others would rather choose an organised tour. It doesn't matter if you're a backpacker or a jet-setter: the FDFA provides a wide range of services for anyone who wants to travel abroad.

United Nations World Data Forum: first events take place

16.01.2020 — Press release EDA
Achievement of the sustainable development goals set out in the 2030 Agenda can only be measured with the help of official statistics. These will be the key focus of the third United Nations World Data Forum (UNWDF) to be held in Bern from 18 to 21 October 2020. Under the label of the «Road to Bern», a series of events is planned in the run-up to this high-profile international conference.

Processing of personal data by the FDFA: bill adopted by Federal Council

15.01.2020 — Press release EDA
At its meeting on Friday 15 January 2020, the Federal Council adopted a draft federal act on the processing of personal data by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). This legislation fulfils the requirements of the Federal Act of 19 June 1992 on Data Protection while also taking account of more recent developments in internal organisation, technology and society.

Federal Council reaffirms its commitment to responsible business conduct

15.01.2020 — Press release EDA
On 15 January 2020, the Federal Council approved the revised Action Plans 2020-2023 on corporate social responsibility, and on Business and Human Rights. The federal government promotes the implementation of a responsible business conduct. It is an important contribution to sustainable development and to solving societal challenges.

Presentation of credentials

14.01.2020 — Press release EDA
14.01.2020 - Presentation of credentials of newly accredited Ambassadors in Switzerland

Honeyland Oscar nominee

14.01.2020 — Article DEZA
Honeyland has been nominated for an Oscar in the categories Best International Feature Film and Best Documentary.  The film’s hero, Hatidze Muratova, champions environmental protection and the sustainable management of natural resources. She was discovered through the Nature Conservation Programme launched by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Young, creative and tech-savvy: Switzerland at the world's largest tech show starting today in Las Vegas

07.01.2020 — Press release EDA
Today the Swiss pavilion at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas opens its doors for the second time. From 7 to 10 January 2020 Switzerland is showcasing more than 30 start-ups at the world's largest trade fair for consumer electronics. Organisers Presence Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), together with partners Innosuisse, the swissnex network and digitalswitzerland, are using the pavilion as part of their SwissTech campaign to position Switzerland as a leading innovation and technology hub and an attractive business location.

Switzerland and Italy reach an agreement on Campione d'Italia

20.12.2019 — EDA
At its meeting on 20 December 2019, the Federal Council approved an exchange of notes between Switzerland and Italy regarding the change of the customs status of the Italian enclave of Campione d'Italia. This exchange of notes is necessary to ensure legal certainty and facilitates the transition of Campione d'Italia into the European Union's customs territory, scheduled for 1 January 2020.

Object 61 – 72 of 2770

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